Color Emphasis in Photography

Little Girl in Red Coat, “Schindler’s List,” 1993, Steven Spielberg

Color emphasis is one of the many techniques that photographers and filmographers use to create imagery that is impactful and attracts attention to certain objects and details. One of the most famous examples, despite it being from a film, is the Girl in the Red Coat from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film “Schindler’s List.” The girl is shown four times in the film and each time her red coat was the only glimpse of color in the film until the end which signified the modern time the movie ended in. Her coat’s meaning is debated, but it is obvious that it was significant to the point that the fictional girl’s final color imagery was shown among the victims of the Holocaust. There is no doubt that this technique can be achieved to obtain certain reactions from the audience for either a impactful moment or to bring the audience’s attention to something specific within the photography. For honors enrichment during Digital Photography class, photographs were taken in color and then converted to black and white with only some color details to show emphasis on the subjects. Conversions were done in Photoshop.

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