Broken Ink Volume 52

Broken Ink is USC Aiken’s Literary and Visual Arts magazine that is produced by the students to showcase campus community artwork, literature, and creativity in general. The group was founded back in the 1970s and has successfully managed to reach over fifty volumes. They continue to showcase student’s creative exploits and serve as an outlet for students to relax and explore their imaginations while still studying on campus.

Volume 52 – Designed by Bonnie Watson

Volume 52

In my junior year of college, I was tasked with being layout editor of Broken Ink. I was to take all our accepted submissions and produce a magazine that represented USC Aiken and its students. The cover was to pay tribute to the literary submissions as most would think of the magazine as having a visual focus. The layout was designed with the idea of browsing a gallery and the font was chosen to give off a classic but modern aesthetic.

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