Bonnie Watson Graphic Design Portfolio

Broken Ink Final Submission Poster

This poster came from a series of research on youtube videos and I finally found the best inspiration concept for a retro-style image. This poster allowed e to learn some different features of Illustrator I had no idea existed.

Broken Ink Event Poster

Our campus allows groups and organizatoins to create events that will allow us to get foot traffic to recruit potential members for our orgainzation and to get the campus community interested in submitting to the magazine. The Read and Feed event was a open-mic/educational event so we could let the campus know our final submssion deadline was coming soon. I was, once again, on a retro inspiration kick and decided to mimic some images from the 70’s and I got the idea to put the title in the image of a lava lamp.

“Dada Poster”

This was one of the hardest posters I had to brainstorm for a project. While I highly respect the artistic concept behind the Dada Movement, there is no love loss between us. Suprisingly, I ended up going with a word to start and found images on the New York Public Library Free Domain section. Roughly translated, Weltschermz is German for “World pain.” I tried to convey that through processing.

“Art Nouveau Lithograph”

Jules Cheret created beautiful french lithrographs during the period of Art Nouveau. I used the concept of dreams and created a figure seemingly falling down in mid-air in a dream-like state and used some french translation to mimic that of Cheret’s posters.

Color Emphasis Photography

Color emphasis is one of the many techniques that photographers, and filmographers, use to create imagery that is impactful and attract attention to certain objects and details. One of the most famous examples, despite it being from a film, is the Girl in the Red Coat from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film “Schindler’s List.” She was shown four times in the film and each time her red coat was the only glimpse of color in the film until the end which signifed the modern time the movie ended in. Her coat is debated on meaning, but it is obvious that was significant to the point that the fictional girl’s final color imagery was shown as she laid dead on a cart with her red coat mangled in the bodies of the victims from the Holocaust. It is no doubt that this techinque can be achieved to obtain certain reactions from audience for either a impactful moment or to bring the audience’s attention to something specific within the photography. For my honors enrichment during my Digital Photography class, my professor and I agreed on taking color photos and converting them to black and white with only have some color details to show emphasis on the subjects. Conversions were done in Photoshop and the quick selection tool was my best friend in selecting the different subjects and details to leave the color on.

“The Book Tavern”

For my web graphic class we had to pick a local business and design four different logos that we would essentially pitch to them as rebranding. This large bold one is probably my favorite out of the four because you have basic yet impactful text and still retain the imagery that could potentially be used as an icon for marketing.

Local Logo Project
“The Book Tavern Lamp”

I wanted to go for a klmpalight because I always think of rustic or some images from Lord of the Rings whenever I hear taverns. While it is not my favorite of the four I designed, I do like the creative process behind this one.

Photography Project
“Word Portrait”

One of the photography projects was to create a self portrait from words. This was an interesting assignment and I want to revisit and fix this portrait and use different styles.

White Space Paint Company

One of the photography projects was to create a self portrait from words. This was an interesting assignment and I want to revisit and fix this portrait and use different styles.

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