Bonnie Watson Graphic Design Portfolio

Potential Blog Pictures for Staffing Company Advertisements

Above are two examples that were created for potential blog postings about upcoming mock job fairs for a staffing company. The colors coordinate with the company’s logo (orange, white, and blue), and the stock photos and imagery correlate with the client’s production-type position they would be filling for.

Greenleaf “Better Living Through Chemistry”

This assignment involved creating a graphic annual report that involved the use of chemistry. The report shows a professional but simplistic theme. The logo was designed from common shape in nature – the molecule. The nucleus is a leaf to represent the company’s green commitment to nature. The font was chosen because it is modern and innovative and gives a technical look to the report.

Miscellaneous Posters

Some of these posters were created for Broken Ink, a nationally-recognized award-winning visual and literary arts magazine. Other posters were created for various class assignments. They represent different time periods and styles, such as Dadaism and German World War II modern art.

Local Logo – The Book Tavern

These logos were designed for a local business for potential rebranding. The large, bold text-based logo is the strongest because of the basic yet impactful text. It still retains the imagery that could potentially be used as an icon for marketing. The idea for the lantern came from the concept of rustic or “old world lore,” such as Lord of the Rings. These novels, along with Harry Potter, evoke certain atmospheres and images.

Word Poster Photography

This photograph is a self portrait with lighting that emphasized the body above the shoulders. Text was chosen to wrap around the image. The text chosen was from a previous submission published in USC Aiken’s Broken Ink Literary and Visual Arts Magazine.

White Space Paint Company

The concept behind this assignment was a mock paint catalogue. The cover is 80-90% white space but showing the name of the paint company. A variety of colors were chosen rather than one to show the diversity of paint colors. The subtle rainbow drop splash was created in Photoshop. Paint names were inspired by common experiences in daily life.

Castle Lodge Catalogue/Brochure

This assignment was to create a hotel based upon a specific typeface, research the typeface, and somehow incorporate it within the design. The particular typeface here was Optima, chosen for its modernity but traditional appearance to show off the hotel’s theme – a refurbished Scottish castle that maintained its historical presence but also provided guests with modern-day utilities.

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