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Living in the 21st century, graphic designers now have to compete with online competition that can be easily seen with the click of a button or a quick tap of a finger. Potential clients are constantly bombarded by social media, ads, and other types of content that a graphic designer needs to move from the real world into the virtual to efficiently show off their skills. Using this website will not only show a mastery of graphic design principles, but also as a mechanism to demonstrate and disseminate my ideas and achievements With the recent and ongoing pandemic, the idea to reach an audience virtually rather than face-to-face is only emphasized and heightened and shows a need for discovering online tools to deliver a portfolio. A functional, professional, creative website is essential for graphic designers to capture and keep the attention and interest of potential clients. With competition for an online presence increasing, I want to utilize the resources I’ve been given to create a professional website used as a portfolio and resume for potential employers to see my experience with web and presentation designs. With that said,

Welcome to b9 Studio. Thank you for taking the time to view the site and provide feedback if you have any. I am always learning and putting new knowledge into practice.


Photography can be one of the most relaxing and fun ways to be creative. Anything can be a subject, whether it is an outside nature scene, family members, pets, or even objects lying around in a room. I find both digital and film photography equally enriching. More original photography can be seen here.

Poster Designs

Poster designs are a necessity for a graphic designer. I have created quick, creative posters for my employers to highlight specials and products. I have also created posters for the Broken Ink Literary Magazine at USC Aiken.

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